Alfie 's Guardian Angel

This novel was published under my pen name: Vania Von Vanistan

“Victor Peters is back with another spell bound story set in the exotic backgrounds of China and the Middle East.

Once again Peters plays in the playground of the ultra rich and powerful people of various continents where people of all races, creed and social level fight for ultimate power.

This is a story of an International global power game and revenge, of economic maneuvers in order to gain that little edge over the competition and of political bickering and infighting that more often than not leads to cataclysmic events.

The author has a unique gift of capturing the twists and ironies of fate. His insights into the ambitions and passions of his characters are brilliant. The girls are gorgeous and ready to protect Peters, some for love and others for selfish motives.”



Chapter 1 - Alfie's Guardian Angel

Chapter 2 - Alfie's Guardian Angel

Chapter 3 - Alfie's Guardian Angel